Our Philosophy

We at Elite Daycare, believe that children have the right to quality child care and education in a safe, nurturing and healthy environment. We strongly feel that children should be provided with a home away from home in order to feel comfortable and safe. Children’s educational, nutritional and resting needs must be meet and provided daily.

Children should be provided with an environment that provides learning opportunities which promote social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Teachers foster healthy self-esteem in each child and provide them with supportive and stimulating surroundings, that will positively enhance their abilities in all developmental areas.

We follow the principles of Child Development which centres on the concept of interaction and exploration in a natural way of learning. We focus on the interest of the child (ren) in order to create positive learning opportunities. When children interact with materials and their peers, they enhance and extend their understanding of the world. Social and cognitive skills are learned best in an environment where self esteem is nurtured. A child with a positive self esteem is confident and sure of his/her ability to make things occur. Such a child is also capable of having his/her own needs addressed. Children with positive self images, will try to improve and expand their skills in all areas of development as they grow.