Welcome to Our Infant Program

Leaving your child for the first time? At Elite Daycare we offer classroom visits, prior to your child starting so that not only will your child have the opportunity to become familiar with his/her surroundings but as a parent you will too. This will help parents to feel less anxious when leaving their child with us.

We offer small group sizes to allow your child the opportunity to develop a trusting relationship with the teaching team. Your child’s daily schedule is accommodated by the Early Childhood Educators, so that they know when your child naps, eats etc. We work closely with the parents in order to get to know your child’s schedule and needs. The teachers will provide you each day with written communication of your child’s day in order to help keep you connected.

Our Infant Program provides learning activities that are developmentally appropriate by stimulating the infants through an enriched learning environment. Children learn at their own pace through play and activities. Infants are given the opportunity to explore their surroundings and discover with hands on experience through fine motor and gross motor activities and hands on activities.

Elite Daycare Provides the Following in The Infant Classroom:

  • Separate sleep room
  • Clean safe environment
  • A setting that encourages learning and exploration
  • Seasonal Menus (meals prepared by us in house cook)
  • Outdoor play space
  • Experienced and Nurturing Educators which support and encourage your child to explore their surroundings

At least one of your child’s Educators is a Registered Early Childhood Educator, who provide an age-appropriate and educational curriculum for the children. Our staff are experienced dedicated and loving individuals with First Aid CPR and AED training, as well they have all completed and obtained a criminal reference check and vulnerable sector screening.

The teacher to child ratio in the infant room, is 1:3.

Free Play
The infants are given the opportunity to explore with the materials and activities in the classroom. They are also provided with the opportunity, to interact with their Educators and their peers. Children choose what they wish to engage in based on personal interests, and level of development. The infants are provided with an uninterrupted period of exploration and play.

Small Group
The Educators, create experiences which promote language development. Various props are used to create interest and participation. Books, puppets and flannel stories are used to engage the children. The classroom has a designated area where children can participate in pretend play and interact with their peers and educators. A variety of art activities are introduced to children in a small group setting. Art materials which help to develop fine motor and awareness of their five senses are used.

Sleep Time
This time either occurs as the infants require sleep or at a scheduled time in our day. Each child has their own individual crib in a separate sleep room, which protects the sleeping child and provides each child with their own familiar sleeping place.

Circle Time
Circle time is a gathering where all the children take part in music and movement, story time and games and cognitive development activities. The teachers include instruments, books, puppets, and visuals that peek children’s interest. Circle time takes place daily and is an opportunity for children and educators to group together and introduce materials and activities. Singing and moving with children during circle time, provides them with opportunities to explore movement, to build a common knowledge of songs and rhythms and to experience a steady beat.

Sensory/Creative Activities
We The process of the sensory or creative activities, is what’s important not the finished product. Sensory and creative activities, encourage children to communicate their feelings towards themselves and the environment. Educators encourage the children to freely create their own master piece.

Cooking Lessons
Each month the classroom participates in a cooking activity. Together, the teachers and the children prepare a delicious healthy and wholesome snack. All products used are nut free, and non GMO. The children are able to sample what they have made.

Meal Times
Younger infants are bottle fed in the comfort of the educators arms. Older infants are encouraged to sit in a high chair or at the low table in a small group. Infants are encouraged to eat as well as explore new tastes, smells, and textures. Older infants are also encouraged to self-feed, using fingers, spoon or cup.

Outdoor Play
Infants are taken for walks with the use of quad strollers. Older Infants are provided with playtime in our fenced in
playground. Equipment such as movement objects, balls, push toys etc. are provided. The Educators also plan
experiences for non mobile infants such as bubbles and interactive games between the Educator and the infant.