Welcome to The Preschool Program

Our preschool teachers would like to welcome you to the preschool program. We look forward to a fun filled
year and look forward to getting to know all the families. Elite Daycare, is committed to providing a curriculum that is geared towards all areas of your child’s development and at the same time, ensuring your child’s safety and security. We aim to provide a supportive environment where your child can grow emotionally, physically, and intellectually. We also believe that building a child’s self esteem and self confidence is crucial for a child’s positive early childhood experience. We consistently provide a warm and inviting environment where your child will feel welcome and confident while building on their self-esteem.

Our Curriculum
Preschoolers are ready to learn many new concepts including colors, shapes, numbers, days of the week, etc. We feel that it is vital, that we allow each child to learn at his/her own pace. Through play, children will be provided the opportunity to learn. During play experiences, children learn the necessary social, language and communication skills that lead them into future strong relationships and feelings of self esteem and self worth as they grow and develop.

Science and Nature
The preschoolers receive science lessons once a week. The lessons consist of anything from building a volcano and watching it erupt to watching things grow etc. Preschoolers are also given the opportunity to explore nature both indoors and outdoors.

Cooking Lessons
Each month the classroom participates in a cooking activity. Together, the teachers and the children prepare a delicious healthy and wholesome snack. All products used are nut free, and non GMO. The children are able to sample what they have made.

Field Trips
The preschools are taken on field trips throughout the course of the year. Parents are given the opportunity to volunteer on the trips. We travel to and from our destinations by school bus. Field trips such as going to the farm, visiting a local fire station etc. are the types of outings the preschool children would go on.

Each class will participate in a language lesson once a week. Words and simple phrases are taught in different

The Preschool class receives yoga taught by a certified yoga instructor once a week, allowing the children to
be engaged in regular physical activity.

Preschoolers, enjoy music daily but once a week, they will participate in a fun music circle. Children will have
an opportunity to play various instruments such as tambourines, bells, shakers, etc. They also learn familiar
songs and finger plays.

Elite Daycare Provides the Following in The Preschool Classroom

  • Nap Time
  • Clean safe environment
  • A setting that encourages learning and exploration
  • Seasonal Menus (meals prepared by us in house cook)
  • Outdoor play space
  • Experienced and Nurturing Educators which support and encourage your child to explore their surroundings

Most of our Teachers Are Registered Early Childhood Educators. All Educators will provide an age-appropriate and
educational curriculum for the children. Our staff are experienced dedicated and loving individuals with First Aid CPR and AED training, as well they have all completed and obtained a criminal reference check and vulnerable sector screening.

The teacher to child ratio in the toddler room, is 1:8. During the first 90 mins, rest time and last 60 mins of the day, the ratio is 1:12.

Meal Times
Meal times, are set up as family style meals, where the Teachers sit at the meal table with the children and engage in conversation promoting language development/social skills. The Teachers, provide assistance in helping the children serve themselves, promoting self help skills.

Outdoor Play
Preschoolers, are provided with playtime in our fenced in playground. Equipment such as movement objects, balls, riding toys etc. are provided. The Educators also plan experiences and interactive games for the children to take part in.

Sleep Time
This time occurs at a scheduled time in our day. Each child has their own individual cot to sleep on. Elite
Daycare provides the sheets, and parents provide the blankets, pillows and sleep toys. Bedding is sent home weekly for washing. Elite Daycare changes and washed the sheets weekly. Nap time takes place in the classroom for 2 hours.

Developmental Reports
You will receive two developmental reports per year, outlying your child’s progress. One report will be sent out in
January and the second at the end of June. Parents will have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress through parent teacher interviews.